Artisan made, wheel thrown stoneware, inspired by the small wonder's of nature.

Julie's work is directly influenced by the wildly beautiful elements of nature in their purest form. 

Her pieces are handcrafted and wheel thrown from durable regional stoneware clay and glazed in hues that call upon the small treasures of forest and sea. 


 Moss        Salt       Lichen       

Her pottery is clean and modern, yet embraces the charming coziness of the rustic landscape.  With minimal use of tools and fuss, the functional ware is down to earth, authentic, and made to be used and washed again and again.





From start to finish, the process of creating wheel thrown ceramics is one of thoughtfulness and intention.  Each piece is handcrafted and made to order, making your purchase from Wren Pottery truly individualized and unique.

When you invite Wren Pottery into your home, you are engaging in an artistic process, and enveloping your every meal and table setting with artisanal craftsmanship and simple beauty.


Savor slow living.




Julie is the solo artist behind Wren Pottery.  She creates her work with durable stoneware clay. Each piece is designed and crafted for everyday use, and meant to washed again and again.

Glazed in Salt, a pure opaque white, that features occasional dark flecks of iron from the clay body interacting with the glaze.  The finish is glossy and durable.  The exterior of many of the pieces are left unglazed to highlight the raw textural beauty of the stoneware in its natural state.  

All pottery is made from non-toxic, dinnerware safe materials, and fired in a small batch, high fire kiln. 




Natural.  Simple.  Elegant.

The aesthetic of Wren Pottery is one of woodsy charm paired with modern minimalism.  The artisanal pieces are intentionally crafted for functional, daily use and made with materials that will last for years to come.

Connect to the natural world within your home.

C O N T A C T    J U L I E 

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wren pottery

handcrafted in Duluth, Minnesota