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How to care for your pottery

Hand washing is always best.  

Dishwashers.  Pottery may safely be washed in the dishwasher. I recommend placing the pottery on the top shelf whenever possible, using a mild detergent, and use an air dry setting if available. These actions will ensure the longevity of your pottery. Please note that dishwashers and detergents can vary greatly worldwide, and ultimately you are the best judge of placing your pieces in the dishwasher. Signs that your pottery is not tolerating the dishwashing well are dark spotting on the glaze surface and heavy glaze crazing. Some crazing in the glaze is normal with general use of the ware, and does not affect the durability of the piece. 

Mircowaves.  I do not recommend microwaving your pottery, with the exception of a quick warm up. The clay and the glaze materials are inherently microwave safe, the problem can be if there is any water moisture within the ceramic body it will heat up and expand while in the microwave. Over time this can weaken or crack the pottery.   

Stains.  Our stoneware plates and bowls are a part of every meal, everyday for years and I can confidently say that from marinara to salad dressings, curries and red wine sauce the pottery washes up beautifully with no staining. However, in the rare case of staining (beets and turmeric are the ones I am careful with) try to simply scrub with warm soapy water. And in stubborn cases, apply a very dilute bleach solution on a white towel to dab out the stain. 

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